Saturday, October 6, 2012

A sonnet for Alan Jones

Some have said Jones' fall from grace is almost Shakespearean. So here goes:
When I have seen by silly cows defaced
The rich, proud pomp of righteous, right wing rage;
When lofty Liberal Members are down-razed
By Helen Razer writing in The Age;
When I have seen queue-jumping darkies gain
The cushy jobs real Aussies had before,
And middle-eastern youths have clearly lain,
With nice white girls from the upper North Shore;
When I have seen that Bligh bird screw her state,
And JuLiar find ways to make us pay:
I'd go on air, spray and pontificate -
And now they've come to take my merc away.
Oh, I am such a goose - and here's the point:
My own big mouth in fact destroyed the joint.

1 comment:

  1. Does not Jones besmirch all speech?
    With vile poison in each scurrilous barb he seeks
    to reach lower than barrels bottom,
    lower than contempt may brand
    these days of public rage from anger born
    blind to moderation, this Jones speaks
    hasty, foaming froth of spittle, soon forgotten
    the previous grievous wrong,
    how come we here to this?
    Our lives in this vast land
    corrupted by scorn
    and noble hopes seem fools errand
    our tenderness
    lost on a battlefield of merciless spite.
    There is danger in rages mindless kick
    and endless trouble from bullies delight.