Saturday, March 6, 2010


I'm proud to announce that my Government today has launched the MyParents website.

The My Parents website went live this morning and has had more than 1.5 million hits as Australian children have logged on to access comprehensive information about their own parents.

My Parents contains important information about each of Australia’s 3,120,000 parents including vital quantitative statistics such as the average amount of pocketmoney per child (normalized for parental income); average bedtime as a function of child age; how long per evening each parent spends reading with the child; and the relative severity of smacking.

Children and the wider community are also able to compare their parents' results with neighbouring families and up to 60 statistically similar families nationwide.

By comparing statistically similar parents, it will be clear which parents are doing well and which parents need an extra hand.

The Rudd Government is standing ready with new money and new targeted programs to help parents who are found to be struggling.  Only in the most extreme cases will families be closed down through underperformance.

However, the MyParents  website gives Australia children powerful new choices.  They will be able to bring transparency and evidence into their negotiations with parents.  Knowing that Little Johnny three doors down gets to go to bed twenty minutes later, or that children from households of similar levels of income receive $1.20 more pocketmoney per week, will empower Australian working children in their dialogue with parents as never before.

The Rudd Government is investing $550 million to improve the quality of parenting.  Children of underperforming parents will be able to apply for a SMARTEN-UP! Parental Intervention Grant,  with a comprehensive program of parental reinvigoration for designated families. The Rudd Government has also committed more than $2 billion to assist levels of pocketmoney in low socio-economic communities and marginal electorates.

The Rudd Government, together with child representatives, teachers and the Australian community, is working to ensure every Australian child in every family receives a world class experience.  Schools and other community organisations will be able to access the MyParents website to identify, and to provide positive feedback and advice to struggling parents.

The Rudd Government: helping Australian working families work harder.